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How to Have A Match Made in Heaven - A Transformational Approach to the Dating, Relating and Marriage By Ariel & Shya Kane


Milford , New Jersey ( September 11, 2012 - “Read How to Have a Match Made in Heaven and you won't just learn ‘how to,’ you will actually feel the joy and well-being you've always wanted as you sink into its pages. With their revolutionary use of videos, you will experience Ariel & Shya's compassionate wisdom and find your life transforming along with their clients!” — Menna van Praag, best-selling author of Men, Money & Chocolate

World-renowned relationship coaches Ariel and Shya Kane continue to discover and define relationships in their latest book. For more than twenty-five years, this husband and wife team has succeeded in guiding many individuals and couples toward effective communication and personal transformation. Their acclaimed seminars in New York City, Europe and Costa Rica reach audiences hungry for the possibility of a life filled with ease, well being and satisfaction and their unique approach opens up previously unseen possibilities in people's lives, allowing them to live the life of their dreams.

With How to Have A Match Made in Heaven, the Kanes offer real, practical ways that men and women can create happiness and harmony in their relationships, whether they are single, divorced, dating or married. The book also includes links to videos and audios of the Kanes working with individuals and couples. These inspiring “mini-sessions” allow readers to experience transformational shifts for themselves.

In this book, as well as Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work and How to Create a Magical Relationship—their two previous groundbreaking and award-winning books— the Kanes outline their 3 Principles of Instantaneous Transformation, a set of simple yet profound ideas that allows people to bypass the chatter of their thoughts and step into the current moment of their lives. A Match Made in Heaven creates new possibilities for relationships and provides tools for people to discover that judgment, resentment, or blame can dissolve without effort.

ARIEL & SHYA KANE are internationally acclaimed consultants and seminar leaders whose transformational approach allows people to discover satisfaction and increased productivity in all areas of their lives, without working on their "problems." They are expert guides who, with great skill and humor, bring people through the swamp of the mind into the clarity and brilliance of the moment. As Awareness Magazine said of them, “Years of therapy cannot touch what the Kanes can do in minutes.”

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